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Treating Disordered Eating Symptoms with Co-Occurring Disorders

Join this workshop with Dr. Cris Haltom to enrich your clinical practice in working with clients who struggle with disordered eating

Date: Friday, December 8
Time: 12 – 2pm EST
Duration: 2 Hours    Format: Online

This workshop aims to address the complex relationship between eating disorders, both clinical and sub-clinical, and other mental health conditions. Combining efforts to reduce or eliminate eating disorder behaviors while considering the broader mental health context can be crucial for effective and integrative care. This workshop will focus on assessing and treating common, transdiagnostic eating disorder signs and symptoms in the context of the most frequent co-occurring mental health disorders. It aims to overview three treatment approaches that integrate addressing eating disorder behaviors and related cognitions within the context of other mental disorders. This approach is in line with the understanding that eating disorders and disordered eating behaviors often exist alongside other psychiatric conditions, and effective treatment often requires an integrated approach.

This workshop will provide 2 CEU credits to LMSWs, LCSWs, LMFTs, LMHCs and psychologists licensed in New York State.


Dr. Cris Haltom

Dr. Cris Haltom has been a professional psychologist delivering psychotherapy services for 30 years. She individualizes her approach to each person and family, drawing from many skills learned over the years. Her areas of specialty include interpersonal and family relationships, mood disorders, anxiety issues, and eating disorders.

Dr. Haltom is also a speaker and educator. She has given workshops and lectures on clinical psychotherapy topics and is part-time faculty at Ithaca College. Over the years Dr. Haltom has helped people of all ages negotiate constructive change.

Her belief is that everyone she treats has the capacity to make positive change at a pace set by each individual or family.

She encourages forward movement toward personally defined goals.

Recent Publications

Understanding Teen Eating Disorders

Understanding Teen Eating Disorders



Understanding Teen Eating Disorders introduces readers to common teen eating disorder scenarios, their warning signs, and treatment options.

Each chapter examines a teen or tween and brings the factors, whether they be environmental, genetic, co-existing conditions, etc. that contribute to his or her eating disorder, to life, while seamlessly integrating the latest research in gene inheritance, brain chemistry, and eating disorders in accessible, reader-friendly language.

Each chapter provides treatment options, including outpatient, group therapy, and in-patient programs, for both the young person and the family. Each also ends with a Q & A section that reflects the concerns a parent, loved one, or treatment professional may have.

Previous Publications

A Stranger at the Table

A Stranger at the Table


A Stranger at the Table: Dealing with Your Child’s Eating Disorder offers parents a real-life glimpse into the lives of those with eating disorders and carefully considers the perspective of parents. Most of all it is full of practical tips for parents about how to cope with eating disorders in their children, from to the time of discovery to the time of recovery.

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